Juara Limited - Business Advisors

Gary Pavitt

Phone: 01256 764617
Mobile: 07966 759743
Email: gary@pavitt.net

A Brief Summary

I help business owners to develop their businesses in a way that will support their personal goals.

What We Do

I regularly help clients with issues like:

* Cash Flow

* Sales Growth

* Profitability

* Financial Planning

* Work / Life Balance

* Systemisation

* Developing stronger Management Teams and Systems

* Exit Planning

*Why use me?*

I’ve been helping other business owners for over 11 years, following the sale of my previous business.

Most of my work comes via recommendations from people who have worked with me directly, or introducers like accountants that have seen the improvements I’ve made to other businesses, and then recommended me to their clients.

I’ve worked across many sectors and helped many small and medium sized businesses to make dramatic improvements.

I have helped business owners with a range of backgrounds and management styles and can draw on this experience to tailor support that works for the individual business owner / or ownership team, rather than force a one style fits all solution.

I’m approved to deliver Growth Accelerator programs which provide significant subsidies for businesses that qualify for the programme.

Most of my clients see a net return on their investment within 3 months.

I offer a free initial consultation.

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