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Geoff Roy

Phone: 01252 217141
Email: geoff@leapfrogim.co.uk
Website: https://leapfrogim.co.uk

A Brief Summary

Driving natural search traffic into websites, and quality leads and enquiries out

What We Do

Helps your SEO guys.

Who Are Leapfrog Internet Marketing?

Leapfrog Internet Marketing provide in-depth online marketing solutions for your organization. Based in Fleet, Hampshire, we help you reap the benefits of your website and online marketing.

Headed by SEO Specialist, Geoff Roy, Leapfrog Internet Marketing focus on getting your website onto the first page of Google. When we live in such a digital time, it’s essential to understand how the internet works – and furthermore, how we can make it work for you. Leapfrog Internet Marketing’s solutions are the right approach to boost your search engine rankings, streamline your digital marketing efforts and integrate your social media with your business to create a strategy that delivers.

Leapfrog Internet Marketing help you to make the most of your website and internet presence while letting you focus on the things that matter to you – generating leads and doing business. So take the trouble and the hassle out of Internet Marketing and see specifically we can do for you.

What Is SEO?

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is about getting your website found on the big wide web. Getting your website found before your competitors is essential, and will help win you more business and generate more leads. The higher you rank on Google, the greater your chances of success. This is achieved through a number of methods, and changes along with the algorithms used by search engines. It’s not an exact science, and gaining the top spot on Google takes time, patience and some good old-fashioned expertise.

Your website has the potential to hit the first page on Google for your chosen keywords. It just needs the right techniques and knowledge to help you get there – mixed with a little bit of determination. Leapfrog Internet Marketing have years of experience in getting their clients higher up the rankings and earning their place at the top of the Google search – and they can help you achieve this too.

So What?

Search engines rank your page based on a number of factors, and these change on a regular basis. Google is changing its algorithms constantly to refine and improve its search results. That means you need to be constantly on the lookout for new ways to help you stay ahead of the curve. If you want your website to be found and visited by potential new clients, then you need a good SEO strategy and implementation to achieve this. 80% of all web traffic is directed through search engines, with Google directing 91% of this in the UK – and this means you can’t afford to not appear highly.

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