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Matt Letley

Phone: 01483 677 078

A Brief Summary

Sustainability Strategy | South East Based Consultancy | B corp consulting

What We Do

We have a passion in working with company owners to act in a meaningful way to improve people’s lives and protect the planet for future generations, that in turn drives profit.

We help businesses that want to become more sustainable, whether that’s amplifying a B Corp’s impact or helping a company take that first step to understand how to improve their social and environmental performance.

We recognise that businesses are busy serving their clients and managing their teams, and they don’t have additional time to complete an assessment, create a framework, gather evidence and more. They understand and want to do more as a company towards a sustainable future and the financial and social benefits that brings, but it seems like a mammoth task and it’s always being put off for when they’re less busy.

We’re honest, challenging and experienced at making a big impact, aligning purpose with commercial success where the results are proven to increase financial, social and environmental performance.

Services provided:

  • B Corp Certification and re-certification consulting services.
  • Sustainability strategy – design, implementation, measurement, review & improve.
  • Carbon measurement, reduction strategy & Net Zero target setting aligned with climate science.

Our Experience

Impact for Good has expertise in helping businesses get certified having been through the process multiple times, with businesses of different sizes, complexity, and industries. From start-up’s going through pending certification to long established businesses who want to use their business to increase their impact.

Our experience helps companies save time, understand how best to answer the questions, provide resources, help gather the necessary data, implement new policies where needed and more.

Our Clients

We work with business owners in London and the Southeast with a turnover from £2m+ to £50m and who want to improve their social & environmental impact.

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